So, I just had a daughter!

I’ve just had a daughter – just as the headline says.

I’ve kept this a secret since we haven’t been sure that the people around us was ready for this yet. But now, since we have agreed to, we’re releasing the news to everyone.

I actually had my daughter 16 years ago, we just didn’t know it. She was born with this thing between her legs and everyone assumed she was a boy. Apparently we were wrong, she told us that much, and for us – except for being a huge thing that she felt she could tell us – this is a quite small change in our lives. And I couldn’t be more proud.

For those that hasn’t really grasped what I’m talking about – this is about Edwin, that for 16 years thought herself being a boy cause everyone has said that that is what she was. But after giving it a lot of thought realized we were wrong. I think it’s really strong to stand up and correct not only me and Jessica (her mom) but also relatives, friends, doctors and everyone else that has been passing through over the years.

Edwin will change name to Sofia, last name from Andersson to Melin. Sofia will probably keep one of her current first names, which one has not yet been decided.

Sofia picked the name herself – the change of last name is her decision as well.

I’ve always been a girl, I hasn’t always been aware of it that’s all. Now I want you to know it as well / Sofia

If you have any questions, please just ask, use Facebook, text me or why not simply give me a call. But I will ask that everyone shows utter respect for Sofia and her choice in this.

I will assume that a warning for not showing her respect in this won’t be necessary, but those that can’t support Sofia in her decision will no longer be a part of our lives.

So, finally.. Welcoe Sofia – thank you for your trust in me, in us as a family.


/ your father


original post in Swedish