I’m so fed up with racism!

Islam is the source of all evil!

Islam promotes war

Islam hates women

The list goes on, and on.. and ON! And I’m fucking tired of it. Why am I tired? CAUSE IT’S FALSE!

Let me get down to basic facts cause, well, opinions can be disputed – facts can’t.

There are 32 countries with more than 90% of the population belonging to Islam. These countries gather roughly 20% of the worlds Muslim population. Yet we look at Afghanistan and set our image on what a Muslim is from them – Afghanistan represents 1.8% of the worlds Muslims. If we would have a town of 1000 people and 18 of them did something bad – would we condemn the entire town? Probably not.

Now to the accusations spread about Muslims around the world:

They hate women! Women are oppressed and can’t even drive a car!

Yes, true, in some of the Arabic countries they can’t. Actually only one country forbids driving for women, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia represents 1.6% of the worlds Muslims. ONE, POINT, SIX!

Women are forced to genital mutilation!

Yes, that is true. But that is an AFRICAN tradition, not Muslim. There are several christian countries doing the same, in AFRICA. Does the Koran speak of it at all? No, and FGM (female genital mutilation) started long before Islam came around. In AFRICA. Morocco is the country with the most Muslims in the world (2% of the worlds Muslims) – there is no FGM in Morocco, or Tunisia and Mauritania – all with more than 99% of its population being Muslims. Yemen, another Muslim country with more than 99% being Muslism, has 19% FGM. So again, FALSE accusations.

Women aren’t allowed to vote!

Indonesia, 88% of it’s population being Muslims, had a female president who held her position between 2001 and 2004. How many female presidents have we seen in the United States? Or Sweden?

Muslims bread terrorists!

No.. There are roughly 1.700.000.000 Muslims in the world – if all or even half them were terrorists we’d all be dead. In Europe we had 152 acts of terrorism during 2013. Two of them were based on religious beliefs (1.3%). TWO! The rest just other bullshit like racism, politics or stuff like that. In 2012 we had six based on religion. Yea, but we also had a total of 219 acts of terrorism that year.

2011 we had 174 acts of terrorism, not a single one was cause of religion. NOT ONE. Yet Islam is the blame for terrorism. Logic.

And in the US? Well, between 1980 and 2005 only SIX percent of all terrorist attacks were from Islamic groups. SIX! But yea! Islam is pretty much the same as terrorism. Fuck off..

Did you know that the Maldives has a total of 98.4% of its population being Muslims? Yet we love going there on vacation. 4 police officers were fired after sexually abusing a woman. Not all is perfect in the Maldives but it’s getting there. Can we blame their problems on Islam? No.

And remember, Sweden has yet not had a female prime minister. Islamic states have. Maybe we should look at Christianity instead? Just maybe? I mean, we need to blame the other 98% of the terrorist attacks on someone else than the Muslims.