We just can’t afford it!

This is the normal excuse I hear from fellow countrymen that doesn’t wants us to aid the refugees from Syria. We can’t afford it.

What we can afford however is to allow big companies like H&M, Spotify and so on to skip taxes by having their companies registered in some tax evasion countries like Luxembourg or Panama. We can also afford to pay insanely high salaries to politicians, even though it has been proven that 50.000 SEK is more than enough for anyone to live a wealthy life (I pay 6.400 SEK for my 3 room apartment every month and I live 40min by train from Stockholm. A box of milk is roughly 10 SEK. A BigMac & Co is 85 SEK). Helene Hellmark Knutsson had (2013) a monthly salary of 117.917 SEK.
Source: http://www.svd.se/ministrarna-som-tjanar-bast–och-samst

Another excuse is that we don’t have room in Sweden. Room? Have you EVER seen a map of Sweden? If there is one thing we have next to forests it is room. Do we have housing? No. But that can be fixed. We have a massive unemployment and a massive need of housing. How about – I know.. this is a crazy idea but stay with me – we BUILD houses. Take all these unemployed persons and employ them to BUILD. HOUSES. Crazy I KNOW! But it actually could work. The money? We have it. We could even start a whole new city, it would create jobs while we build it and it would create jobs when built. But yea, crazy ideas and of course, we don’t have the room for it. Just look at this map, it IS crowded…


Now, if you are one of those persons that claim that we can’t afford helping out – please read the rest of this article while eating your lunch. Please – the effect will be much greater.

Warning – graphic content – best enjoyed while having lunch


We can’t afford to help her. We better just send help down there instead, insure her that she will be safe…

We couldn’t afford to help these kids either. Nah, too expensive.13103349_100924440322368_6427029641043898622_nLook at that kid! Expensive little bastard. Stay away from our safe country – stay away from my lunch and my secure living. Schoo!

Let me explain to you what we actually can’t afford.

We can’t afford to lose our humanity.

We can’t afford to stop caring.

We can’t afford to get cold.

We can’t afford to turn the other way.

We can’t afford to not see.

What we can afford, is helping those in need. Those who have lost their homes, their towns. Their families. THAT, we can afford.

If you still believe that we can’t afford to help the Syrians – please go fuck yourself. Cause what we can’t afford is YOU.